Alexandre d'Aphrodise; commentaire perdu à la Physique d'Aristote


Marwan Rashed

Alexandre d’Aphrodise, Commentaire perdu à la “Physique” d’Aristote (Livres IV-VIII)

Les scholies byzantines. Édition, traduction et commentaire

2011 viii, 660 pages, 2 fig.

Hardcover | RRP Euro [D] 98.00

ISBN 978-3-11-018678-9
eBook: | RRP € 98.00 | ISBN 978-3-11-021646-2

Series: Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca et Byzantina 1

Languages: Greek, French

The no longer extant commentary by Alexander of Aphrodisias (approx. 200 AD) on Aristotle’s Physics is one of the most important works of antiquity ‑, as a source text having influenced both the Greek commentators on Aristotle and ‒ through the mediation of Arab scholars ‑ Western medieval philosophy. This volume presents the first edition and study of nearly 700 recently discovered Byzantine scholia, which allow a more exact reconstruction of Alexander’s teachings on physics, and at the same time contribute to a better understanding of Aristotelianism and preclassical physics.

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