Nouveau livre sur Antiochus d'Ascalon

The Philosophy of Antiochus

Edited by David Sedley

Cambridge University Press
388 pages
ISBN-13: 9780521198547
Published February 2012

Antiochus of Ascalon was one of the seminal philosophers of the first century BC, an era of radical philosophical change. Some called him a virtual Stoic, but in reality his programme was an updated revival of the philosophy of the ‘ancients’, meaning above all Plato and Aristotle. His significance lies partly in his enormous influence on Roman intellectuals of the age, including Cicero, Brutus and Varro, partly in his role as the harbinger of a new style of philosophy, which thereafter remained dominant for the remainder of antiquity. Yet much remains controversial about his ideas. This volume, the first in English to be devoted entirely to Antiochus, brings together a team of leading scholars to discuss every major aspect of his life, work and significance. In addition, it contains the first full guide to his testimonia in any modern language.

Introduction; 1. Antiochus’ biography Myrto Hatzimichali; 2. Antiochus and the Academy Roberto Polito; 3. Antiochus and Asclepiades: medical and philosophical sectarianism at the end of the Hellenistic era Rebecca Flemming; 4. Antiochus as historian of philosophy David Sedley; 5. Antiochus’ epistemology Charles Brittain; 6. Antiochus on contemplation and the happy life Georgia Tsouni; 7. Antiochus, Aristotle, and the Stoics on degrees of happiness T. H. Irwin; 8. Antiochus on social virtue Malcolm Schofield; 9. Antiochus on physics Brad Inwood; 10. Antiochus’ metaphysics G. R. Boys-Stones; 11. The neutralizing argument: Carneades, Antiochus, Cicero Malcolm Schofield; 12. Varro and Antiochus David Blank; 13. Other followers of Antiochus Carlos Lévy; 14. Antiochus and Platonism Mauro Bonazzi; Appendix: a guide to the testimonies for Antiochus David Sedley; Bibliography.

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