Nouveau livre sur Platon et les mythes

Plato and Myth
Studies on the Use and Status of Platonic Myths

Edited by Catherine Collobert, Pierre Destrée and Francisco J. Gonzalez

Brill, Mnemosyne Supplements, Volume: 337

ISSN: 0169-8958

ISBN13: 9789004218666

Table of contents

List of Contributors

Introduction, Catherine Collobert, Pierre Destrée and Francisco J. Gonzalez

Part I. Reflections on the Nature of Platonic Myths

Chapter One. Plato’s Exoteric Myths, Glenn W. Most
Chapter Two. Myth and Interpretation, Monique Dixsaut
Chapter Three. Literal and Deeper Meanings in Platonic Myth, Harold Tarrant
Chapter Four. The Freedom of Platonic Myth, G. R. F. Ferrari
Chapter Five. The Platonic Art of Myth Making: Myths as informative Phantasmata, Catherine Collobert
Chapter Six. Spectacles from Hades. On Plato’s Myths and Allegories in the Republic, Pierre Destrée

Part II. Approaches to Platonic Myths

Chapter Seven. The Pragmatics of ‘Myth’ in Plato’s Dialogues: The Story of Prometheus in the Protagoras, Claude Calame
Chapter Eight. Religion and Morality. Elements of Plato’s Anthropology in the Myth of Prometheus, Gerd Van Riel
Chapter Nine. Whip Scars on the Naked Soul: Myth and Elenchos in Plato’s Gorgias, Radcliffe G. Edmonds III
Chapter Ten. The Status of the Myth of the Gorgias, or: Taking Plato Seriously, Christopher Rowe
Chapter Eleven. The Rivers of the Underworld: Plato’s Geography of Dying and Coming-back-to-Life, Elizabeth Pender
Chapter Twelve. Choice of Life and Self-Transformation in the Myth of Er, Annie Larivée
Chapter Thirteen. Combating Oblivion: The Myth of Er as both Philosophy’s Challenge and Inspiration, Francisco J. Gonzalez
Chapter Fourteen. The Myth of Theuth in the Phaedrus, Christopher Moore
Chapter Fifteen. Myth and Truth in Plato’s Phaedrus, Franco Trabattoni
Chapter Sixteen. Theriomorphism and the composite Soul in Plato, Kathryn Morgan
Chapter Seventeen. Myth, Image and Likeness in Plato’s Timaeus, Elsa Grasso
Chapter Eighteen. Why is the Timaeus called an eikôs muthos and an eikôs logos?, Luc Brisson
Chapter Nineteen. Why two Epochs of Human History ? On the Myth of the Stateman, Christoph Horn
Chapter Twenty. The Delphic Oracle on Socrates’ Wisdom: A Myth?, Louis-André Dorion

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