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Forum Philosophicum is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to a wide range of questions relating to Christian philosophy. We look for fresh and insightful approaches to the problems with which Christian thought has struggled throughout the centuries and which it faces today. We publish papers that adopt a philosophical stance while respecting the authority of Christian Revelation. We also welcome critical approaches towards the interaction of philosophy with faith.

Hence we are particularly interested in contributions that discuss the methodological issues raised by attempts to practice philosophy within perspectives governed by faith. We seek to encourage discussion of the role and vitality of all of the various traditions of Christian thought, and are happy to receive papers offering historical insight into those traditions. Alongside this, we are open to investigations of non-Christian views of the entanglements of philosophy with faith, and are actively looking for papers that explore the phenomenon of faith from diverse philosophical perspectives.

Forum Philosophicum is published by the Ignatianum Academy, Cracow – a Jesuit University. Its two annual issues, published in June and December, offer 30 papers. Until recently, these were published in a range of languages recognized as appropriate for international conferences, but as of 2011 it has accepted papers exclusively in English. It is, in its basic version, a traditional print-based journal, but all issues since Vol. 6 (2001) are also available at, and indexed in, the EBSCO Academic Search Complete electronic database. We are happy to publish papers with special symbols, Greek or Hebrew citations, and formal logical symbolism, typeset in LaTeX. All papers accepted for publication that are authored by a non-native speaker of English will be examined by a specialist native-speaker language consultant familiar with the peculiarities of philosophical English.

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