CALL FOR PAPERS/Ancient Ideas in the Contemporary World (Madrid,14-16 November 2013)


The Institute of Classical Studies “Lucio Anneo Seneca” (Universidad
Carlos III, Madrid) organizes the congress “Ancient Ideas in the
Contemporary World. The reception of the Ancient Political Theory in
the Contemporary Political Philosophy”.

This meeting, to be held in Madrid next 14-16 November 2013, aims at
gathering some of the most relevant specialists on these issues in
order to discuss the last research trends and results in the fields of
Classical Studies, Political Theory and Philosophy.

Additionally, some shorter papers (about 20 min.) will be selected by
the Scientific Committee. It is necessary to send an abstract of a page
and a CV. Proposals are to be sent to Instituto Séneca

The deadline for the presentation of proposals is October 1st. 2013.

Registration fee will be 100€ (130€ if they want to acquire an exemplar
of the selected papers) and 50€ for students.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

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