Nouveau livre sur Epictète

Epictetus: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance
edited by Dane R. Gordon, David B. Suits

Publisher: RIT Press (April, 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1-933360-90-4
Pages: 264

Table of contents:

Socrates, Heracles and the Deflation of Roles in Epictetus by Brian Earl Johnson

Foucault on Askesis in Epictetus: Freedom through Determination by Christopher Davidson

Taking the Same Things Seriously and Not Seriously: A Stoic Proposal on Value and the Good by Katja Maria Vogt

Epictetus’s Moral Epistemology by Jeffrey Fisher

In Defense of Patience by Matthew Pianalto

Epictetus on the Meaning of Names and on Comprehensive Impressions by Eleni Tsalla

Kant and Epictetus. Transformations of Imperial Stoicism by Matthias Rothe

Self-Identity in Epictetus: Rationality and Role by Carrie L. Bates

Epictetus and Moral Apprehensive Impressions in Stoicism by Pavle Stojanovic

The Curious Case of Epictetus’s Encheiridion 33.14–15 by Scott Aikin

Epictetus on Beastly Vices and Animal Virtues by William O. Stephens

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