Milan-Durham workshop on Platonism: forms (Durham, May 29-30)

Platonism and Hellenistic Philosophy: A Milan-Durham joint seminar series

The fourth meeting of this series will be held on the topic of FORMS on 29th-30th May 2015, in the Ritson Room, Department of Classics & Ancient History, 38 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3EU. UK.

Provisional Programme:

Friday, 29th

3 p.m. Christoph Helmig (Cologne), ‘Simplicius on Aristotle’s criticism of the Theory of Forms in Physics II.2’

5:30: Franco Trabattoni (Milan), ‘On Incorporeal Qualities: A Dangerous Alliance’

Saturday, 30th

10 a.m.: Phillip Horky (Durham), Pythagoreanism

11:30: Alexandra Michalewski (Liège), ‘La théorie des Formes chez Atticus’

2 p.m. George Boys-Stones (Durham), sources for the views of post-Hellenistic Platonism.

All welcome. There is no cost (and no subsidy) for attendance. Booking is not necessary, but if you wish to attend please contact George Boys-Stones for (electronic) copies of advance materials:


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