CFP: Stoicism and French Continental Philosophy

The study of Hellenistic philosophy has flourished in recent decades, with increasing attention going to the reconstruction of the doctrines and arguments of the ancient Greek and Roman Stoics. Neo-Stoicism has also emerged as a significant player in cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness therapies. However, though the situation differs from country to country, on the whole the breadth of continental interpretations has not been well integrated into either the scholarly or the therapeutic mainstream. For this reason, we are launching a project on continental philosophy and Stoicism. Our goal is not simply to map how continental authors have received Stoicism, but rather to consider how continental approaches can enrich our understanding of Stoicism’s theoretical, ethical, therapeutic and political importance in antiquity and today, and how renewed engagement with Stoic texts and scholarship can enrich continental philosophy.

Our first conference will concern Stoicism and French philosophy since Jean-Marie Guyau. The most obvious examples are Deleuze’s Logic of Sense and Foucault’s Care of the Self andHermeneutics of the Subject, parts of whose multi-faceted interpretations of Stoicism remain unexplored. However, numerous other authors appropriate details of Stoicism in creative ways (e.g. Merleau-Ponty on the logos endiathetos and prophorikos in The Visible and the Invisible, or Stiegler’s post-Foucauldian adoption of meletē). Moreover, we consider the boundary between “philosophy” and “scholarship” to be permeable: Pierre Hadot—long well-known as a scholar—is achieving recognition as a philosopher in his own right, and other audacious scholars are also important in this story (e.g. Émile Bréhier, Victor Goldschmidt). Finally, since French philosophy is obviously not an isolated bloc, we welcome papers that encompass its interplay with work in other languages (e.g. the French development of Hegel’s reading of Stoicism, or Agamben’s development of Stoic themes in L’Uso dei corpi).

The conference will take place January 4-6 2016 in Bristol (UK). We invite abstracts of no more than 400 words for papers of no more than 45 minutes delivery, in English or French. The deadline for abstracts is Friday June 26, 2015. Abstracts and inquiries should be sent to Kurt Lampe at   Provisionally confirmed speakers include Thomas Bénatouïl (Université Lille 3), Valéry Laurand (Université Bordeaux Montaigne), John Sellars (King’s College London), Janae Sholtz (Alvernia University), Olivier D’jeranian (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne), Jean-Baptiste Gourinat (Centre Léon Robin)


Source : Call for Abstracts: Stoicism and French Continental Philosophy | Stoicism and Continental Philosophy

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