Parution : THEORIA – studies on the status and meaning of contemplation in Aristotle's Ethics

THEORIA – studies on the status and meaning of contemplation in Aristotle’s Ethics 

Edité par Pierre Destrée et Marco Zingano

Collection Aristote – Traductions et Etudes

Louvain-la-Neuve, 2014

Peeters, 357p.

ISBN 978-90-429-2938-8 (Peeters Leuven)

ISBN 978-2-7584-0193-3 (Peeters France)



Pierluigi DONINI, Happiness and Theôria in Books I and X of the Nicomachean Ethics

Anthony W. PRICE, Eudaimonia and Theôria within the Nicomachean Ethics

David KEYT, The Meaning of Bios in Aristotle’s Ethics and Politics 

Gabriel Richardson LEAR, Approximation and Acting for an Ultimate End

David CHARLES, Eudaimonia, Theôria, and the Choiceworthiness of Practical Wisdom 

Eric BROWN, Aristotle on the Choice of Lives: Two Concepts of Self-Sufficiency 

Marco ZINGANO, Eudaimonia and Contemplation in Aristotle’s Ethics 

Daniel DEVEREUX, Theôria and Praxis in Aristotle’s Ethics

Timothy D. ROCHE, The Private Moral Life of Aristotle’s Philosopher: 

A Defense of a Non-Intellectualist Interpretation of Nicomachean Ethics 10.7-8

Francisco L. LISI, Theoretical Life, Practical Life, and Happiness in Aristotle 

Christopher J. ROWE, The Best Life according to Aristotle (and Plato): A Reconsideration 

Lawrence JOST, Theos, Theôria, and Therapeia in Aristotle’s Ethical Endings 

Friedemann BUDDENSIEK, Contemplation and Service of the God: 

The Standard for External Goods in Eudemian Ethics VIII 3

C.D.C. REEVE, Aristotelian Immortality



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