Lecturer in Classics (Classical Philosophy) – London UCL

Call for applications: (deadline ravvicinata, 28 ottobre)

The Department of Greek and Latin at University College London (UCL) wishes to appoint a suitably qualified Lecturer in Classics (Classical Philosophy). The successful applicant will be expected to maintain and enhance the academic standing of UCL, to advance the discipline by carrying out and publishing research in their area of specialization, to lecture and tutor students to a high academic standard in classical philosophy as well as Greek and/or Latin language and literature, and to take on administrative duties as required by the Head of Department. There is a preference for candidates with research interests in the intersection of classical philosophy and literature and/or culture.


The appointment will commence from 1 September 2017 and is open-ended. The role is at grade 7, and the starting salary will be £37,936 to £41,163 (inclusive of London Allowance), depending upon experience. This is a full-time position, but job-share, reduced hours and other flexible ways of working may be considered. Membership of USS will be available.
Closing date: 28 October 2016
Details on the UCL job vacancy website:

https://atsv7.wcn.co.uk/ search_engine/jobs.cgi?SID= amNvZGU9MTU5MjMxMSZ2dF90ZW1wbG F0ZT05NjUmb3duZXI9NTA0MTE3OCZv d25lcnR5cGU9ZmFpciZicmFuZF9pZD 0wJmpvYl9yZWZfY29kZT0xNTkyMzEx JnBvc3RpbmdfY29kZT0yMjQmcmVxc2 lnPTE0NzYxNzgzNDUtM2U0ZGQ4MjZk OWM5MWU1MmY4MTg1ZDUyZTc5MzVlOW IxNTcyYjJiZA==

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