16-18 février 2017 // Conférence « Allegiance, System and Use of Texts » (Würzburg)

International conference : Allegiance, System, and Use of Texts. On Auctoritas of the Master and Dealing with Authoritative Texts in Platonism and Epicureanism in the Hellenistic and Imperial Age, organized by Michael Erler, Jan Erik Heßler, Federico M. Petrucci in Würzburg (February 16-18 2017).
Attendance at the conference is free, but registration would be appreciated. Please register by sending an email to albrecht.ziebuhr@uni-wuerzb urg.de by February 12, 2017 at the latest. More information is available here:

http://epikur-wuerzburg.de/akt ivitaeten/kongresse/allegiance -system-and-use-of-texts/

If you have any questions, please contact: albrecht.ziebuhr@uni- wuerzburg.de.

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