Parution : G. Ranocchia, Scrittore stoico anonimo, Opera incerta PHerc. 1020, coll. 104-112

Vient de paraître (open-access):

Scrittore stoico anonimo, Opera incerta
PHerc. 1020, coll. 104-112

Introduzione, edizione e commento di M. Alessandrelli e G. Ranocchia
«ILIESI digitale. Testi e tradizioni» 1

Roma 2017

PHerc. 1020 (SVF 2. 131 = FDS 88) is one of the seven certain or
probable Stoic papyri of the Herculaneum collection. Since the papyrus
has no subscriptio, the author and the title of the work contained in
it are unknown. Several elements seem to corroborate Hans von Arnim?s
thesis that PHerc. 1020 hands down a work by either Chrysippus or one
of his immediate successors. New arguments are advanced here in favour
of this authorship beside those formerly adduced by von Arnim, Pohlenz
and Keil. As far as the book?s content is concerned, we are not
allowed to conclude that it was merely ethical, rather than purely
logical or epistemological, nor that it only focused on the Stoic
sage. On the contrary, from a detailed exegetical analysis and a
comparison with the other evidence on Early Stoicism available to us
it emerges that the work displayed a unique combination of ethics,
logic and epistemology. By using new methods for the reading and
editing of Herculaneum papyri, the editors have reconstructed for the
first time the anatomy of the roll and the sequence of the fragments,
while also establishing the Greek text on the basis of personal
inspection of the original manuscript. This study is a new citical
edition of the last eight columns of the papyrus (coll. 104-112
Alessandrelli-Ranocchia) ? the best preserved columns and the only
ones to have been studied by scholars so far ? and constitutes the
first part of the comprehensive edition of PHerc. 1020 included in the
Project ERC Starting Grant 241184-PHerc funded by the European
Commission (FP7, Ideas,

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