CFP : Sixth Biennial Conference. Association for Presocratic Studies

Deadline : 16 November 2017!

International Association for Presocratic Studies 
Sixth Biennial Conference: 25-29 June 2018 
Delphi, Greece: European Cultural Centre of Delphi 
Chair of Organizing Committee: Richard McKirahan
The International Association for Presocratic Studies (IAPS, founded in 2008) announces its Sixth Biennial Conference. The meeting will take place at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece 25-29 June 2018.
IAPS understands “Presocratics” to be the figures for whom either fragments of their work or relevant testimonia are collected in Hermann Diels’ Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker (6th edn. 1951, edited by Walther Kranz). IAPS welcomes presentations on philosophical, philological, textual, doxographical, scientific, historical, literary and religious topics having to do with the Presocratics, on connections between Presocratic thought and other figures (e.g., the Sophists) and other areas of intellectual activity (e.g., mathematics, medicine or music), and on the reception of Presocratic thought in antiquity and later times.
IAPS welcomes participation from scholars at all stages of their careers, from graduate students to senior figures in the field.
Information about the venue can be found (in Greek) at <> and (in English at <>).
Call for Abstracts and Other Information 
Submission of proposals/abstracts. 
Two-page proposals for papers, in the form of abstracts (maximum 300 words) should be sent in pdf format to: Prof. Richard McKirahan:

The title line of the message should be “IAPS 6 Proposal” 
The first page of the proposal should be a cover page containing the following information: 
Author’s name (as you would like it to appear in the program) 
Author’s institution 
Author’s title or position (e.g., Graduate Student, Independent Scholar, Associate Professor) 
Author’s Country/Countries (location of residence, work, self-identification) 
Title of Paper 
Author’s e-mail address 
The second page should contain the abstract. 
To ensure anonymity in the refereeing process, do not put your name on this page. 
Authors of proposals are asked to observe two deadlines: 
(i) submission of abstracts, 16 November 2017; 
(ii) submission of full copy of paper (after acceptance of proposal), 1 April 2018. 
Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a program committee appointed by the Council of IAPS. The decision of the program committee will be communicated via e–mail to authors of abstracts not later than 15 January 2018. Authors whose proposals have been accepted will receive an official invitation to present a paper at the conference. 
• Papers may be written in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Greek. 
• For papers written in languages other than English, it is recommended that a full English version be prepared by the author in time for distribution to the audience at the conference. 
• If the paper contains untransliterated Greek, a Unicode font should be used. 
• Maximum length of the full copy of the paper is 3,000 words, exclusive of footnotes and bibliography.
Conference Fee
Payment of a fee will be required for those who attend the conference. The exact amount has not yet been determined.
 Presentation of Papers
In accordance with the established practice of IAPS, there will be two kinds of sessions: plenary sessions and discussion sessions. There will be no concurrent sessions. We envision that the large majority of the papers will be presented in discussion sessions. Plenary sessions will conform to the usual practice for conferences: authors will read their papers, and there will be a brief period for questions and answers, allotting 30 minutes to the reading of each paper and
10–15 minutes to questions and answers.
The discussion sessions will be organized as at IAPS 4 (Thessaloniki 2014). They will take place in open areas at the conference center. At each session each of the (perhaps 10) presenters will sit or stand in an assigned place, where his/her abstract has been posted, and discuss his/her paper with whoever comes to talk about it. The audience will be free to come and go as they wish, to discuss with as many or as few of the presenters as they wish, and to spend as much time as they wish with each presenter. The discussion sessions are not intended for papers of lower quality than those at the plenary sessions. They are intended for authors who prefer more extensive discussion of their work and/or for topics that would be most fruitfully discussed in such a setting. Proposals for collaborative presentations are welcome.
At the time of notification of acceptance of the submitted abstract, authors will be given the opportunity to express their preference for presenting at either a plenary session or a discussion session. While taking such preference into account, the IAPS program committee will have the final say on assignment of the accepted presentation to either type of venue.
Membership in IAPS
Not required as a condition for submiting a proposal. IAPS has no membership dues. Scholars who wish to be enrolled as members of IAPS should contact the IAPS President at this address:
Professor Daniel W. Graham, 
Department of Philosophy 
4086 JFSB, Brigham Young University,
Provo, Utah 84602. 
Or via e–mail: 

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