6-8 mars 2018 // Received Opinions: Doxography in Antiquity and the Islamic World (Munich)

Received Opinions: Doxography in Antiquity and the Islamic World

Conference to be held 06th – 08th March 2018 at Munich School of Ancient Philosophy Leopoldstraße 11b, 80802 München, 4th floor, Room 433

Funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung


Day One, Tuesday 06.03.2018

  • 09:15–09:30: Introduction
  • 09:30–10:45: Dr. Christian Pfeiffer: Making Sense of Other Philosophers: Exegesis and Interpretation in Aristotle
  • 11:00–12:15: Dr. Mareike Jas: The physikai doxai of Theophrastus as the Foundation for Doxography in Aristotle and Ps.-Plutarch?
  • 13:15–14:30: Prof. Dr. Jaap Mansfeld: Aetios Kap. 1.15: Über Farben
  • 14:45–16:00: Prof. Dr. David T. Runia: Irreducible Texts in the New Edition of Aëtius
  • 16:15–17:30: Prof. Dr. Teun Tieleman: Galen on the Presocratics (Gal. In Hp. Nat. Hom. and other works)

Day Two, Wednesday 07.03.2018

  • 09:30–10:45: Prof. Dr. Han Baltussen: On the Notion of “Received Opinions” from Aristotle to Simplicius: Doxography or Endoxography?
  • 11:00–12:15: Prof. Dr. Christoph Helmig: Interpreting Parmenides of Elea in Antiquity: From Plato’s Parmenides to Simplicius’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Physics
  • 13:15–14:30: Dr. Yury Arzhanov: Greek Philosophers in Monastic Schools: Syriac Forms of Doxography
  • 14:45–16:00: Bethany Somma: The “Materialists” in Plotinus and the Arabic Plotinus: What they Can Tell us About the Transmission of the Stoics into Arabic
  • 16:15–17:30: Dr. Aileen Das: Pseudo-Plutarch in the Book of Proofs and Reflections regarding Creation and Divine Governance: Providence and Natural Philosophy

Day Three, Thursday 08.03.2018

  • 09:00–10:15: Dr. Elvira Wakelnig: Philosophical Compilations in Unpublished Arabic Manuscripts: Doxography or Something Else?
  • 10:20–11:35: Dr. Andreas Lammer: Doxography and Philosophical Method: Avicenna’s Treatment of Presocratic Opinions
  • 12:00–13:15: Dr. David Bennett: Reporting the Dualists: Form and Content
  • 13:20–14:35: Fedor Benevich: The Presocratics in al-Šahrastānī’s Kitāb al-Milal wal-niḥal
  • 14:35–15:00: Conclusion

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