26-27 mars 2018 // 2018 Meeting of the Northern Association of Ancient Philosophy (Nottingham)

2018 Meeting of the Northern Association of Ancient Philosophy, being held in Nottingham 26th-26th March.

Venue: Highfield House, University Park Campus, University of Nottingham

Attending the conference is free and refreshments are provided.
If anyone plans to attend who has not already done so, please let me know via the facebook page or by email (mbduncombe@gmail.com).
Monday 26th March

14.00-15.30 Jamie Dow (University of Leeds) ‘
Dialectic Persuasion and Science in Aristotle’

16.00-17.30 Giulia De-Cesaris (Durham University)
‘Aristotle’s account of Xenocrates’ metaphysics’

18.00-19.30 Emily Fletcher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
‘The Nature of Injustice in Plato’s Republic’

20.00 Dinner

Tuesday 27th March

10.00-11.30 Hannah Laurens (University of St Andrews)
‘Concepts and Principles in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics 2.19’

12.00-13.30 James Warren (university of Cambridge)
‘Stoic Regret’

13.30-14.00 Business Meeting

14.00 Close of workshop

The Northern Association of Ancient Philosophy is grateful for the support of: The Aristotelian Society, The British Society for the History of Philosophy, The Mind Association and the Classical Association.

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