Parution : J. Mansfeld & D. Runia (eds.), Aëtiana IV : Papers of the Melbourne Colloquium on Ancient Doxography

AËTIANA IV: Papers of the Melbourne Colloquium on Ancient Doxography, Philosophia Antiqua 148, pp. x, 527. Leiden | Boston: E.J. Brill.
Editors: Jaap Mansfeld and David Runia.

The articles collected here are based for the most part on papers read at the Colloquium “The Placita of Aëtius: Foundations for the Study of Ancient Philosophy,” held in Melbourne in December 2015.
1 Jean-Baptiste Gourinat, ‘Diels’ Whodunit: The Reliability of the Three Mentions of Aëtius in Theodoret’.
2 Keimpe Algra, ‘Arius Didymus as a Doxographer of Stoicism: Some Observations’
3 Oliver Primavesi, ‘Pythagorean Cosmology in Aëtius: An Aristotelian Fragment and the Doxographical Tradition’.
4 Mareike Jas, ‘Towards a Better Text of Ps.Plutarch’s Placita Philosophorum: Fresh Evidence from the Historia Philosopha of Ps.Galen’.
5 James R. Royse, ‘The Text of Stobaeus: The Manuscripts and Wachsmuth’s Edition’.
6 Jaap Mansfeld, ‘Theodoret as a Source for the Aëtian Placita’.
7 Gérard Journée, ‘Aétius et le problème des sources de Théodoret: à propos de GAC 4.12’.
8 Jaap Mansfeld, ‘Archai Lists in Doxographical Sources: Ps.Plutarch, Stobaeus, Theodoret, and Another Ps.Plutarch’.
9 Edward Jeremiah, ‘Not Much Missing? Statistical Explorations of the Placita of Aëtius’.
10 David T. Runia, ‘Epicurus and the Placita’.
11 Anthony A. Long, ‘Aëtius, Stoic Physics, and Zeno’..
12 Teun Tieleman, Galen and Doxography’.
13 Richard McKirahan, The Downside of Doxography’.

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