6-8 décembre 2018 // Isagogical Crossroads in the Post-Hellenistic Age and Late Antiquity (Berlin)

The aim of this event is to detect and analyse the exegetical methods which emerge from – or are implied in – introductory writings or introductory sections of texts of the post-Hellenistic Age and Late Antiquity: in this way we want to highlight similar and different patterns in isagogical sections of philosophical, literary, and scientific writings. 

We are also able to support five MA or PhD students who want to attend the conference with small bursaries (we will also offer all meals). Anyone interested in applying for the bursaries should provide the organizers with a motivation letter of around 200 words explaining why attending the conference would be important for their research. Please send the letter by October 31st to *both*:

Anna Motta: anna.motta@fu-berlin.de

Federico M. Petrucci: federicomaria.petrucci@unito.it

The outcome will be communicated to the applicants by November 5th.

Although there are no registration fees, anyone interested in attending the conference is kindly invited to get in touch with the organizers by November 25th.

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