CFP : Sleep and wakefulness – Milan (4-5 mars 2019)



4-5 March 2019, University of Milan

History of Philosophy and Science session

Keynote speaker: Maria Michela Sassi (University of Pisa)

The Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences of the University of Milano is glad to announce the opening of the call for abstract for the Conference “Sleep and Wakefulness – A dyadic Life”, 4th–5th March 2019, University of Milan.

Sleep and wakefulness, alongside the closely related phenomena of dreams and divination through dreams, have since long been objects of analysis in the philosophical and in the medical tradition. Teachings by Plato and Aristotle on one hand, and by Hippocrates and Galen on the other, sparked a lasting epistemological, psychological, and medical debates. Various approaches to the analysis of such topics can be seen at different stages, i.e. Greek, Arabic, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, of history of philosophy before the new Freudian interpretation of dreams.

We are interested in discussing the themes of sleep and wakefulness in these different philosophical traditions, together with the entailed issue of the mind-body problem, and whether the inquiry into their nature was carried out in a purely philosophical, medical or interdisciplinary way.

As well, we are interested in shedding light on how theological frameworks might have shaped the discussion of the truthfulness of knowledge attained by divination in dreams, vision, and prophecy. Furthermore, we are open to investigations of problems relative to the body-soul relation resulting from such epistemological and theological speculation. These may be, but are not restricted to:

  • Epistemological, psychological, and metaphysical problems raised by the theories of sleep and wakefulness and the reception at different stages of history of philosophy of certain theories until but not without the Freudian contribution
  • Medical analysis of the processes of sleep, wakefulness, and dreams from a history of medicine perspective
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to the discussion connecting philosophy of nature and history of medicine
  • Theological implications of such concepts in different philosophical traditions


History of Philosophy and Science session: Maria Michela Sassi (University of Pisa)

Analytic Philosophy session:  Jennifer M. Windt (University of Mainz)

Theoretical Philosophy session: Andrea Pinotti (University of Milan)

Neuroscience session: Marcello Massimini (University of Milan) 

We invite graduate students and early career researchers interested in this topic to submit a contribution to the 30-min. junior session followed by a 15 min. discussion.

Travel grants are available (sponsored by the International Brain Research Organization and the University of Milan)

Please send one 500 word abstract to  Click here for the direct link to the application:

The deadline is December 31, 2018.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Milan.

The Organizers

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