23-24 avril 2019 // Ancient Life Sciences: Aristotelian and Hellenistic Approaches (Utrecht)

Ancient Life Sciences: Aristotelian and Hellenistic Approaches

Utrecht University, 23-24 April 2019.

This workshop – organized by dr. Inna Kupreeva (Edinburgh/Utrecht) and prof. dr. Teun Tieleman (Utrecht) – will include papers concerned with the foundations of thinking about life and living beings from Aristotle to Alexander of Aphrodisias, with special reference to the reception of Aristotelian biology.


Tuesday 23 April:

10.00-11.00: dr. Jason Carter (Edinburgh): ‘Aristotle on the Origins of Life and the Destruction of Species.’

11.15-12.15: dr. Simon Trepanier (Edinburgh): ‘Epicurus on the Elements of Life.’


13.30-14.30: dr. Aistė Čelkytė (Utrecht): ‘Asclepiades of Bithynia on the Soul.’

14.45-15.45: dr. Ben Harriman (Edinburgh): ‘Seneca on Whether the Virtues Are Animals.’


Wednesday 24 April:

10.00-11.00: dr. Inna Kupreeva (Edinburgh/Utrecht): ‘Alexander against the Soul’s Self-Motion.’

11.15-12.15: Robert Vinkesteijn MA (Utrecht): ‘The Substance of the Soul in Galen.’




Venue: A.W. de Groot-kamer, Trans 10, 0.19.


All those interested are welcome but please contact: e.r.vanballegooij@uu.nl



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