Contrat de 12 mois – jeunes talents (Sao Paolo)

Recruitment of
Young Talents with International Experience (JTEE)

Department of Philosophy USP + PrInt USP/CAPES

The Department of Philosophy of the University of São Paulo will select a young researcher to develop teaching and research activities in its Department during 12 months. The grant is part of the Young Talents Program offered by the PrInt USP/CAPES Program, and distributed by the Graduate Coordination of the University of São Paulo [Pró-reitoria de Pós-graduação da USP].

The selection will take place in two-steps: (1) the first stage will select the candidate to be presented by the Department of Philosophy [The call for submissions closes on April 28]. (2) the second stage will consist of submitting the selected dossier to the.Graduate Coordination of USP, for their analysis.



The program’s objective is to enlist young researchers, Brazilian or foreign, with relevant academic and scientific experience abroad, to develop research and teaching activities in graduate programs at USP in accordance with PrInt USP/CAPES Program. It is expected that the participation of this young researcher in the overarching PrInt Program will contribute to knowledge exchange, creation of new academic environments with greater cultural and scientific diversity, stimulation of actions that posivitly impact the quality of human resources being trained and research being conducted at USP. The scholarship is for an uninterrupted 12 month period.


Candidates must be under 40 years of age, have received their PhD degree at least five years prior to submission, have a formal relationship of at least three years with a foreign research institution after PhD conclusion and relevant academic production in the last 5 years. Candidates must not be currently residing in Brazil or have resided in the six months prior to the application deadline.


Grant details

The selected young research talents will need to start their 12 month stay at USP between August and December 2019.


  • The grant consists of 12 monthly payments of BRL 8,000 (approx. USD 2,000)
  • Start-up aid of BRL 2,250 (approx. USD 560)
  • Contribution towards health insurance of BRL 400 (approx. USD 100)
  • Economy-class two-way ticket

‒     [The grant does not provide assistance for spouses or partners]

How to apply

Applicants must register online at, no later than 28 April (18:00 Brazilian GMT), providing the following documents in pdf format:


  • A Work Plan in English, including:

‒   Title and name of the candidate;

‒   Schedule of teaching and research activities to be developed during the 12 month stay;

‒   Research Project to be developed during the 12 month stay (Maximum of 5 pages) [The Research project must correspond to the guidelines of the International Research Project of the Department of Philosophy. See Project below];

  • Concise CV, with a focus on relevant activities developed in the last five years;
  • Three referral letters;
  • Proof of at least three years of a formal bond with a research institution outside of Brazil after PhD conclusion;
  • Proof that the candidate holds a doctoral degree (copy of certificate, or alternatively, a declaration from the candidate’s current institution);
  • Self-declaration of English fluency when the candidate is not from an Anglophone country;
  • When available, evidence of collaboration/communication regarding interaction between the candidate and the graduate(s) program(s) at USP;


Contact can be made with the Graduate Studies Program at the Philosophy Department via, with the subject Young researcher.



The result of this first stage will be announced on May 2, 2019 at

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