CFP: IV International Conference in Greek Philosophy (Madrid)


Organized by the Sociedad Ibérica de Filosofía Griega

(Madrid, April 27th, 28th and 29th 2020)


The Sociedad Ibérica de Filosofía Griega organizes, on April 27th, 28th and 29th 2020, at the Faculty of Philosophy (building A) of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the IV International Conference in Greek Philosophy. On the occasion of this event, everyone working in an area related to Greek Philosophy and interested in participating in the Conference is invited to send a proposal. Proposals on Ancient Philosophy are welcome, especially those dealing with one of the following thematic areas: 1) Pre-Socratic Philosophy; 2) Socrates and the Sophists; 3) Socratic schools; 4) Plato; 5) Aristotle; 6) Hellenistic Philosophy; 7) Neoplatonism; 8) Projection, Influence and Reception of Ancient Philosophy.

Presentation of Proposals

Those interested in presenting a scientific communication at the Conference should submit an abstract according to the guidelines indicated below by December 15th 2019. The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, which will communicate its acceptance by January 30th 2020

After this date, the authors of the accepted proposals must send the full version of their texts by March 15th 2020.

The presentations (up to 20 minutes) may be written in any of the Iberian languages, as well as in French, Italian, English and German. All the communication related to the Conference must be done through the following email:

Scientific Committee

Alberto Bernabé Pajares (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Antonio Bordoy Fernández (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

António Pedro Mesquita (Universidade de Lisboa)

Carmen Isabel Leal Soares (Universidade de Coimbra)

Francesc Casadesús Bordoy (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Jesús de Garay Suarez‐Llanos (Universidad de Sevilla)

Juan de Dios Bares Partal (Universitat de València)

Ramón Román Alcalá (Universidad de Córdoba)

Organizing Committee

Ignacio Pajón Leyra (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Pablo de Paz Amérigo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

María Jesús Hermoso (Universidad de Valladolid)

Irene Pajón Leyra (Universidad de Sevilla)

Marco Antonio Santamaría (Universidad de Salamanca)

José María Zamora (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)


Directions for sending abstracts

Abstracts must be sent in a Word document to before December 15th 2019 and containing the following information: 1st page: thematic area to which the proposal is ascribed; title of the presentation; and about 500 words summary.

2nd page: name; Email address; institutional affiliation; brief biographical note (100 words).

Directions for sending full texts

Full texts must be sent to by March 15th 2020, in a Word document and with the following information: maximum 15 pages; 1.5 line spacing; font Times New Roman 12; all special characters in Unicode. In due time other formal criteria will be announced.


Members of the SIFG: 60 €.

Students: 70 €.

Not members of the SIFG: 90 €.

The inscription to the Conference includes the certificate of attendance, book of abstracts, access to full texts and the lunches during the days of the Conference. The inscription form will be available from January 15th 2020.

Important dates

Submission of abstracts – by December 15th 2019.

Acceptance confirmation– by January 30th 2020.

Inscription – by February 29th 2020.

Submission of full texts – by March 15th 2020.

Conference – April 27th, 28th & 29th 2020.

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