Doctoral, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships – Ancient Philosophy (Berlin)

The Research Training Group offers a structured doctoral program in ancient philosophy and science. Students in the program write dissertations, in German or English, which may be more philosophical or more philological in character. Research and dissertation projects focus on a wide range of authors and subjects. Dissertations in the Research Training Group involve both philosophy and some special science or other (including mathematics, medicine, and other disciplines that we might not today consider special sciences, such as grammar or divination). The program involves research courses, reading groups, tutorial supervision, international workshops, and intensive short courses. The language of instruction is English. The program has a teaching staff of several full professors as well as many additional faculty. In addition, it brings distinguished international scholars to Berlin.

As part of the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS), the program is embedded in a lively community of scholars and institutions all devoted to ancient studies. BerGSAS offers structured programs of doctoral studies and involves the participation of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the Freie Universität Berlin and a number of non-university research institutions.

The international Ancient Philosophy & Science Network (APSN)

Students of the program are automatically part of the international Ancient Philosophy & Science Network (APSN) founded by the Graduate Program. Its international partners are among the foremost departments in the world for ancient and late ancient philosophy and science. (Find more information here)


Each year, new doctoral students are accepted into the program. Doctoral candidates are offered salaried positions (T-VL Berlin E13 at 65%) for three years.  Pre-doctoral students receive a stipend for one year (during which they qualify for a three-year salaried position). The program may also accept candidates with external funding. (Find more information on funding here.)


The Research Training Group is on the north campus of Humboldt-Universität in the central district of Berlin. Facilities include office space for faculty, doctoral students, and staff, as well as seminar rooms. For students and guests with children, a family room and the services of the university’s familiy office are available.

One post-doctoral position starting October 1st, 2020. Apply until January 5. More information here:

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