Parution : The Poetics in its Aristotelian Context (P. Destrée, M. Heath, D.L. Munteanu)

The Poetics in its Aristotelian Context. Edited by Pierre Destrée, Malcolm Heath and Dana L. Munteanu, Routledge, 2020


PART 1: Aristotle’s aesthetics: poetry and other arts – tradition and innovation 15

  1.  Poetry and biology: the anatomy of tragedy 17 ANDREA CAPRA

  2.   To kalon and the experience of art 34 HALLVARD J. FOSSHEIM

  3.   Aesthetic emotions 51 DAVID KONSTAN

  4.  Was phthonos a comedic emotion for Aristotle? On the
    pleasure and moral psychology of laughter

  5.  Painting as an aesthetic paradigm 88 ELSA BOUCHARD

PART 2: Poetics, politics, and ethics: links and independence 111

      6 Family bounds, political community, and tragic pathos 113 PIERRE DESTRÉE

  1. Is there a Poetics in the Politics? 129 THORNTON LOCKWOOD

  2. Varieties of characters: the better, the worse, and the like 145 DANA L. MUNTEANU

  3. The ethical context of Poetics 5: comic error and lack of self-control 165 VALERIA CINAGLIA

PART 3: Language and content: poetic puzzles in philosophical context 183

  1. Taxonomic exibility: metaphor, genos, and eidos 185 THOMAS CIRILLO

  2. Poetry and historia 202 SILVIA CARLI


   12 Reading the Poetics in context 224 MALCOLM HEATH

References 239 Index locorum 255 Index 259 Proper names 261 

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