Parution : Emotions in Plato (L. Candiotto & O. Renaut eds)

Emotions in Plato

Series: Brill’s Plato Studies Series, Volume: 4

Emotions ( pathè) such as anger, fear, shame, and envy, but also pity, wonder, love and friendship have long been underestimated in Plato’s philosophy. The aim of Emotions in Plato is to provide a consistent account of the role of emotions in Plato’s psychology, epistemology, ethics and political theory. The volume focuses on three main issues: taxonomy of emotions, their epistemic status, and their relevance for the ethical and political theory and practice. This volume, which is the first edited volume entirely dedicated to emotions in Plato’s philosophy, shows how Plato, in many aspects, was positively interested in these affective states in order to support the rule of reason.


Table of contents


Introduction: Why Plato Comes First
Laura Candiotto and Olivier Renaut

Part 1: For a Taxonomy of Plato’s Emotions

1 Epistemic Wonder and the Beginning of the Enquiry: Plato’s Theaetetus (155d2-4) and Its Wider Significance
Laura Candiotto and Vasilis Politis

2 The Feel of the Real: Perceptual Encounters in Plato’s Critique of Poetry
Pia Campeggiani

3 Why Do Itches Itch? Bodily Pain in the Socratic Theory of Motivation
Freya Möbus

4 Emotions in Context: “Risk” as Condition for Emotion
Stefano Maso

Part 2: Plato’s Emotions between Rationality and Irrationality

5 Emotions and Rationality in theTimaeus(Ti. 42a–b, 69c–72e)
Olivier Renaut

6 On the Desire for Drink in Plato and the Platonist Tradition
Lidia Palumbo and Anna Motta

7 Plato’s Seasick Steersman: On (Not) Being Overwhelmed by Fear in Plato’s Laws
Myrthe L. Bartels

8 The Dialogue between the Emotions in the Platonic Corpus
Karine Tordo-Rombaut

9 Love, Speech and Charm in Plato’s Charmides: Reading the Dialogue through Emotions
Carla Francalanci

Part 3: The Ethical and Political Value of Plato’s Emotions

10 The Notion of Φθόνος in Plato
Luc Brisson

11 On Mild Envy and Self-deceit (Phlb. 47d–50e)
Beatriz Bossi

12 Αἰσχύνη and the Λογιστικόν in Plato’s Republic
Chiara Militello

13 Shame and Virtue in Plato’s Laws: Two Kinds of Fear and the Drunken Puppet
Julia Pfefferkorn

14 Loving and Living Well: the Importance of Shame in Plato’s Phaedrus
Simon Scott

15 Plato on the Role of Anger in Our Intellectual and Moral Development
Marta Jimenez

16 Platonic Pity, or Why Compassion Is Not a Platonic Virtue
Rachana Kamtekar

17 Love and the City: Eros and Philia in Plato’s Laws
Frisbee C.C. Sheffield

Afterword: The Invention of Emotion?
David Konstan

Index of Modern Authors
Index of Relevant Passages
Index of Subjects

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