Parution : S. Maso – Cicero’s Philosophy

Cicero’s Philosophy, De Gruyter, collection “Trends in Classics – Key perspectives on Classical Research”, Berlin/Boston 2022.

Cicero was not only a great Roman politician, lawyer and orator: he also dealt extensively with philosophy, which he believed constituted the surest foundation for his commitment to civic affairs. Not limiting himself to the translation of previous philosophical thought, he critically addressed central theoretical questions, and thereby made a lasting impact on Roman intellectual life. This book offers a modern guide to interpretations of Cicero’s philosophical studies, one that ranges across his numerous philosophical works. Addressed to students and scholars of ancient philosophy, and to interested readers in the humanities more generally, the volume aims to break down the boundaries between the philosophical, literary and linguistic dimensions of Cicero’s highly influential oeuvre.


List of Abbreviations or Sigla
Cicero’s Philosophical Apprenticeship  1
Biographical paths  1
Cultural and philosophical education 7
Studying rhetorical art and studying philosophy 11
Cicero’s Philosophical Employment 18
Intellectual journey and historical context 18
The philosophical works 22
Contemporary Research on Cicero as a Philosopher  48
Cicero Academicus and Epistemology  53
Rhetoric and Philosophy  60
Ethics and Philosophy 66
Problems in Cicero’s Philosophy  75
Foundations: Is it an unsolvable question? 75
Natural order or free will? 83
Academy and Scepticism: only a method or a serious belief? 88
Stoicism and Epicureanism: does Cicero grasp and dissent? 93
Eclecticism: is it a valid label? 107
Philosophical experience and political life: is there a coherence problem? 111
Cicero’s Philosophical Vocabulary 116
ἀδιάφορα – indifferentia  116
βούλησις – voluntas  119
εἱμαρμένη – fatum 125
καθῆκον – officium 127
κατάληψις, καταληπτικὴ φαντασία – comprehensio, visum comprehendibile  129
οἰκείωσις – conciliatio 133
πιθανόν – probabile  139
πρόληψις – anticipatio, praenotio, praesensio 142
Epilogue  148
Bibliography  151
Index Rerum et Nominum Antiquorum  163
Index Nominum Recentiorum 167
Index Locorum 171

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