13/04/2022 – The Shelves

The group Filosofia Antica a Torino is delighted to announce a second round of The Shelves, a series of book presentations organised by the University of Turin in collaboration with Cambridge University Press.

This year, we have adapted the format: in one hour (18-19 CET), the editors, discussants and contributors will join us in a discussion and guide us through the content of the books.

Please find the schedule of the events below:

April 13th, 18-19 CET: presentation of Carleton Paget J., Gathercole S. (eds.), Celsus in his World. Philosophy, Polemic and Religion in the Second Century. CUP, 2021.
Discussant: Jan Opsomer

April 20th, 18-19 CET: presentation of Salles R. (ed.), Cosmology and Biology in Ancient Philosophy. From Thales to Avicenna. CUP, 2021.

Discussant: Brooke Holmes

April 27th, 18-19 CET: presentation of Long, A. (ed.), Immortality in Ancient Philosophy. CUP, 2021.

Discussant: David Ebrey

May 4th, 18-19 CET: presentation of Broadie S., Plato’s Sun-Like Good. Dialectic in the Republic. CUP, 2021.
Discussants: Francesco Ademollo, Christopher Rowe.

All meetings will take place on Zoom. To register and participate in one (or more) of our meetings, please e-mail filosofia.antica.to@gmail.com!
Participants in the events will be entitled to a discount on the purchase of the books.

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