Parution : F. Verde (ed.), Epicuro, Epistola a Pitocle

F. Verde (ed.), Epicuro, Epistola a Pitocle, In collaborazione con M. Tulli, D. De Sanctis, F. G. Masi, Academia Verlag, Baden-Baden 2022 (“Diotima. Studies in Greek Philology” Bd. 7).

This volume provides a new Greek text and a detailed historical-philosophical commentary on Epicurus’ Letter to Pythocles. The content of the letter concerns the study of the causes of celestial phenomena by means of the so-called method of multiple explanations, which is an original Epicurean novelty in ancient epistemologies. In addition to the substantial introduction and commentary by Francesco Verde, the book includes a foreword by Mauro Tulli, which sheds light on the structure of the letter, a critical-philological note, the Greek text, and the Italian translation by Dino De Sanctis, and an essay on the philosophical implications of the method of multiple explanations by Francesca G. Masi.

With contributions by

Dino de Sanctis, Francesca G. Masi, Mauro Tulli and Francesco Verde.

Mauro Tulli, L’epitome per la conquista della serenità: la forma e lo stile delle pagine A Pitocle 11
Francesco Verde, La meteorologia epicurea 27
Dino De Sanctis, Nota critica 109
Tavola sinottica 125
Dino De Sanctis, Testo e traduzione 127
Francesco Verde, Commentario: La realtà del possibile 145
Francesca G. Masi, L’indeterminatezza ontologica dei meteora 259
Bibliografia generale 277
Index Locorum 305
Indice dei nomi antichi 321
Indice dei nomi moderni 325

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