8-10/06/2022 – Providence and Free Will from the post-Hellenistic Age to the Middle Ages

The University of Turin and the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Philosophy (Leuven) are glad to invite you to the conference “Providence and free will from the post-Hellenistic age to the Middle ages” that will take place in Turin on June 8th-10th.  The conference will be held in person, but a connection will be made available for those who wish to attend online. To register, please write to filosofia.antica.to@gmail.com by Monday 6th.  Please find the program below. Amos Corbini, Pieter d’Hoine, Matteo Di Giovanni, Federico M. Petrucci

June 8th, 15.15-18.30: Post-Hellenistic and Patristic Philosophy (I)

Chair: Federico M. Petrucci (Turin)

– Federico M. Petrucci, Pieter d’Hoine and Arianna Piazzalunga: Introduction

– Alexandra Michalewski (CNRS, Paris). Atticus’ Doctrine of Providence: Cosmological and Ethical Issues

– Marco Zambon (Padua). Between Biblical Exegesis and Controversy: Origen’s Doctrine of Free Will (Princ. III 1)

June 9th, 10-13: Post-Hellenistic and Patristic Philosophy (II)

Chair: Ermanno Malaspina (Turin)

– Ursula Coope (Oxford). Proclus on Providence. Contingency and What Depends on Us

– Pieter d’Hoine (Leuven). Divine Knowledge and Knowledge of the Divine in Proclus’ Interpretation of the Parmenides “Greatest Difficulty”

June 9th, 15.30-18.30: The Arabic Middle Ages

Chair: Matteo Di Giovanni (Turin)

– Cristina Cerami (CNRS, Paris). Averroes on Providence between Physics, Metaphysics and Logic

– Ayman Shihadeh (SOAS, London). Theodicy and Anti-Theodicy in Premodern Arabic Thought

June 10th, 10-13: The Latin Middle Ages

Chair: Pasquale Porro (Turin)

– Antonio Petagine (Rome). Divine Providence and Human Free Will: Thomas Aquinas and the Debate of his Time.

– Amos Corbini (Turin). Divine Providence in the year of the Black Death: Hugolinus of Orvieto vs. Peter Ceffons

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